Ages: Pre-K through 5th Grade

If your child is looking for a place to belong, then you have found it. At Kid's Korner, we have the leadership and the community to make every member feel welcome and comfortable.

Children are so AMAZINGLY open to grow and be prepared for the life that Christ has for them. We feel that we are PRIVILEGED to be able to have an impact on their lives by teaching them about God's love. We want to ENCOURAGE you and your child in every we can, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives. We look forward to welcoming your children into our children's ministries and we want to ASSIST you in their Christian development so then can become men and women of God who will make a POSITIVE impact for Jesus in the world.
Every child needs a place to feel like they can:

no matter what age, each child has a place to call their own

teaching children with sound Bible-based lessons how they can grow personally and spiritually

honoring God and others is a way of life

to find out what their God-given talents are so they can be a blessing to others